Attempt #1…Here we go!

These are just some of my favorite shots from my portraiture class this past quarter (Spring ’11). I really enjoyed the class even though it is technically a commercial photography class. It taught me a lot about thinking about light. Click on each image to see them individually at a larger size.

Scanned Film Image

This image was from our “Alternative Process” assignment; shoot a portrait with anything but our DSLRs. I decided to go with a grungy look. I shot with the cheapest disposable camera I could find and used a one-hour photo processing lab.  I then scanned the image and edited it using some warming filters in photoshop.

One-Third of My Final Series

This is my favorite of three diptychs from my final series. We had full-reign over what we wanted to do. I wanted to capture true emotion from people, not the nervousness you usually get from people during a portrait shoot. I decided the best way to do this is with the element of surprise. I threw water on unsuspecting people and captured their reaction.

Kelly's Portrait

This was our first assignment of the class, “Portrait of a Classmate.” It was an ice-breaker of sorts; we were randomly paired up with other members of the class. It had to tell us about the classmate’s personality, interests, and likes.

Portrait of a Musician

This was our “Non-Facial” assignment. The requirements were a black and white diptych telling us about a person with neither image showing the person’s face.

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One thought on “Attempt #1…Here we go!

  1. Ryan Grewell says:

    Nice work. I would love to think I somehow inspired you, haha (doubtful)

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