On a portrait kick…

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing my little brother’s senior portraits for my mom. Maybe it’s because I have been in more portrait classes than photojournalism classes lately. Anyway, whatever the cause may be, I have really been into portrait taking. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ve totally abandoned photojournalism, but here’s another post of some more portraits from the past.

This was a north light portrait of an artist. The assignment was from the portraiture class I was in Spring Quarter ’11 (see the post before for more). It was fun to shoot and the natural light is gorgeous. I’ve always been a fan of simple or natural lighting.

Another one from my portraiture class. The sky worked with these so well I wish I could have gotten more of it in these. The colors worked really well too. The pictures on the left are by far my favorites our of the three with the top-left probably ranking number one.

This was from my small systems lighting class I was in during Winter Quarter ’10. This assignment was to use several strobes in an image. I used one to bounce lighting off a white wall to brighten up the model’s face and made my first attempt at a hair light. It is obviously not the best attempt but a learning experience still.

From the same class as the image above, this assignment was using an umbrella with a strobe. I shot this with my SB-900 and a piece of poster board. As a college student, the money tree isn’t exactly growing in my backyard so created the softness of umbrella lighting with a cheaper piece of equipment.

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