La Habra Boxing Club – La Habra, California

For my first day of Sports Shooter Academy X, I went to La Habra Boxing Club about a half hour away from Irvine where we are staying. Everyone at the boxing club was awesome. The club was an old church that was renovated. The sensei, Vek Visuddhidliam, was very welcoming to all of us shooting in his gym for the afternoon. The first and tenth photos were the ones chosen to be showcased in the workshop’s daily critique slideshow. The others are just ones that I liked, and a few of them are redundant. I am thinking that I might try a few of this in black and white. It is interesting to be critiqued by new people and not just the professors back at school. Everyone here has different work experience and different views on everyone’s shoots. I have learned a lot so far and can’t wait to keep shooting new events and sports today and tomorrow.

ADDED ——– Black and white.

I had a little extra time after uploading my photos so, I decided to see what these photos would look like in black and white since I almost never utilize this option. Here are the ones that I liked without color.

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