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(Belated) 4th of July!

So, due to absolutely horrible weather the past couple days and an absolutely dreary (actual) 4th of July my assignment for shooting fireworks was postponed until today. I tried to have some fun with the quintessential fireworks assignment that it seems all of us photojs get assigned to at least a million times once during our careers. So here it is, and happy 4th of July, everyone!

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My day with Dougie

During today’s assignment, I had the chance to meet an amazing little boy and his wonderful family. Dougie, 5, has an inoperable brain tumor and with the help of Burlington Fire Department, got a very special surprise this 4th of July. He has always dreamed of becoming a fire fighter according to his family and he got to live out that dream on Friday at the Burlington Fire Department. Given his very own personalized, tiny turnout gear, he was sworn in and explored the department with all of the guys. He had the opportunity to see all of the trucks, try out a fire hose, and even ride in a truck during the town’s 4th of July parade. His parents, Angela and Rich, and Dougie’s brother and sister got to join in on the fun as well. It was a great experience to see the way this little boy’s face lit up as he got to see inside all of the trucks and was given his own firefighter’s jacket. As a side note, I will forgive him for trying to spray me and the other photographers with the fire hose since he was so cute. We will pretend it was an “accident”. Thank you, Dougie and your family for letting all of us join you today. Also, great job by the Burlington Fire Department for everything they did.

A fund to help Dougie and his family cover treatments and other medical expenses has been set up. Donations can be made at: Salem Five Bank Douglas Davis Fund, P.O. Box 2523, Woburn, Mass., 01888

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It’s been awhile…(African drumming and more to come)

Hello! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been shooting a ton despite what it looks like from the lack of blog posts. Moving to the Boston area and trying to establish myself in an unfamiliar place has proved difficult, but I have found fairly steady work shooting a variety of assignments for Wicked Local, which owns many of the town papers in the area. This broad coverage area has opened up a variety of interesting and challenging assignments for me. This is my most recent assignment from Friday: African drumming at an elementary school. I have covered something similar to this before and loved the atmosphere of both times. The kids are always so excited to play with the drums and learn and it usually makes for great photos. The children were in one room for the workshops and that proved to be some what visually difficult, but here’s what I got.

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Casa Nueva – 30 Mile Meal program

This is another story from my capstone class. I am just now adding some of these stories because I was focused on building my portfolio and spending time with the subjects of my story basically all last semester. I know that I should keep this more current but meeting deadlines for my classes came first.

Casa Nueva is part of the 30 Mile Meal program here in Southern Ohio. Basically it works with local farmers to keep ingredients local to decrease the distance food has to travel and to benefit the local economy. Casa Neuva works with several local farmers on a regular basis. I created the layout, wrote the story, and shot the photos. Enjoy!


I apologize for the filler text on the last page. I cannot find the full story at the moment on my hard drive, but once I do, I will update it.

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An issue story turned into so much more…

Last semester in my capstone photojournalism class, we were assigned a pretty simplistic topic: issue. We could pick whatever issue we felt needed covered. From this project we had to produce photograph, a multimedia project, write a story, and design our own layout. I decided to cover teenage pregnancy, but not MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” glorified high-school dropouts, but real young women here in Southern Ohio struggling to balance obtaining an education and become a mother at a young age. I came across Jaylynn through her younger sister, Taylor. Taylor was a part of a work-study program at the local middle school at worked at the dining hall with me. I asked her if she knew any young mothers, and she told me about her older half-sister and her two-month old baby Natalie. I met Jaylynn, and she was thrilled to do the story. The more I talked to Jaylynn and Eric, or as he prefers Tyrell, the more I developed empathy and respect for the young couple and parents. They spoke of their hopes and dreams for their new baby girl and for their own futures. I still talk to them, and Natalie is growing into an adorable little girl more and more every time I see her. I wish them the best and know that they will do what ever is best for their daughter.

Below is the links to the layout and story, a gallery of the selects, and a link to the multimedia piece.

Final story layout


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Portions of my portfolio….Part 1.

I have complied a very rough draft of what my portfolio is so far for my capstone class and also to register for the Sports Shooter Academy in February. Since it has not been critiqued by anyone yet, it is, as I said a very rough draft. I hope that it changes and grows as I get different opinions on it and obviously shoot more.

Here is the singles portion:

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Finally some down time….

So even after apologizing for a delay in posts, I have yet to post anything. As I said, I spent several weeks with Marilyn and her fabulous alpacas. This has so far been my favorite and most fun story. It was just such a light-hearted feature story that I caught myself going out more than I really needed to do because it was that fun. Marilyn was so welcoming, and I really hope to go back soon once I am less busy and continue to shoot and follow her and her farm. Here are some of my personal favorites from my time there, some of which I used for my story and some I just think are fun to look at so enjoy!

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