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My site!

Hey everyone! I wanted to just let everyone know that I have a site along with the blog.


Moving is crazy

So I am finally moved in after a 10 hour drive with all of my things, my mom, and my puppy shoved into just my car just a few days ago. I have started to take the opportunity to get familiar with the area. My first assignment for the Daily Hampshire Gazette is tomorrow which is of course exciting. I will be shooting a high school graduation and hope to post some photos from that tomorrow night!

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About to be a real world photographer!

Well, I have graduated from Viscom after four years under some of the best professors in the industry. So this time next week, I will be starting my adventure to Massachusetts to my new apartment and first post-graduate internship. I am so excited to start working with the staff of the Daily Hampshire Gazette!! I have been in contact with Carol Lollis, the photo editor, for about a month now, and I am so happy to have her as my first real photo editor. She seems great, and I can’t wait to meet her and the staff in person. The paper is in Northampton, Mass and my apartment (with a roommate I have yet to meet but she seems nice) is in Amherst. I cannot wait to start posting my work from my internship!

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GoFundMe and SSAX 2013!

In an effort to raise money for Sports Shooter Academy X I created a GoFundMe page! I am beyond excited for this wonderful opportunity to attend the academy, but being a college student, the costs are going to be a large obstacle. I hope that finances do not keep me from going to this wonderful workshop. Please donate if you can, even a little bit.

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Exciting news!

I officially got accepted into the Sports Shooter Academy X for the end of February in Irvine, California. I will be working with other sports photographers, both students and professionals, for a little over a weekend. I am so excited for this opportunity and thrilled to have been accepted. Can’t wait to get there and share everything I do in a few months. 


So, I know I have done this before, but I sincerely apologize for the hiatus this time. The good news to it all is I have a lot to show from it. My senior capstone class and life in general get demanding and blogging has seemed to have taken a back seat to constant shooting, job and apartment hunting, and just general classwork. I am in the middle of a wonderful story and of course have shot some sports during my time away from the blog. I am currently applying to the Sports Shoot Academy which is at the end of February, so expect my portfolio for that shortly.

On the road…again and again and again.

A storm came through here about a week or two ago and totally destroyed our team’s home field’s outfield wall. Due to this, I have had to travel more than usual with the team to shoot. It was a long, exhausting week of hot days and late nights. We return to our field, Bob Wren Stadium, here at Ohio University tomorrow. I am hoping to go through some of my favorites and post soon.