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It’s been awhile…(African drumming and more to come)

Hello! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been shooting a ton despite what it looks like from the lack of blog posts. Moving to the Boston area and trying to establish myself in an unfamiliar place has proved difficult, but I have found fairly steady work shooting a variety of assignments for Wicked Local, which owns many of the town papers in the area. This broad coverage area has opened up a variety of interesting and challenging assignments for me. This is my most recent assignment from Friday: African drumming at an elementary school. I have covered something similar to this before and loved the atmosphere of both times. The kids are always so excited to play with the drums and learn and it usually makes for great photos. The children were in one room for the workshops and that proved to be some what visually difficult, but here’s what I got.

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Dancers and goats

I have had the opportunity to shoot a variety of events, people, and places during my month at the Gazette. I am going to try to spend the next few days uploading a few of my assignments and favorites. These two assignments were very unique and I really enjoyed shooting. One was a couple that raised goats in their front yard for their milk to make cheese and soaps. The other was a dance/painting collaboration. The artist, Marlene, painted while dancers Beth and Margaret performed in front of her. Marlene created landscape paintings while incorporating the dancers’ movements into the work.

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