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Beach Classic Cerritos College – Track and Field

Yesterday I got to spend the day at Cerritos College for the Beach Classic track and field meet. It was the first time during Sports Shooter that I shot a sport that I am (…very…) familiar with. Since I was more familiar with what was going on, I tried to get creative. I spent the most time at pole vault the event I am most acquainted with to make the most interesting and clean shots. My three selects were all vaulting photos, but I think they all work really well together.

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Roller Derby Portrait Shoot

Yesterday I got the chance to shoot 4 roller derby skaters from the area from different teams in a parking garage by the hotel. We had 2 different lighting set ups and 2 ring flashes. I got many shots that I liked, but of course, my immediate thought while waiting was to find the beautiful natural light. Summer Crush of the San Diego Derby Dolls had brought her 2 children, Kody and Ava. While Summer was waiting to be shot under the lights, I decided to grab her and shoot her and her children on her own. She and her kids, as well as the other skaters, were so awesome to shoot. They were all corporative and willing to work with us. These are the three shots I decided to use in today’s slideshow critique.

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La Habra Boxing Club – La Habra, California

For my first day of Sports Shooter Academy X, I went to La Habra Boxing Club about a half hour away from Irvine where we are staying. Everyone at the boxing club was awesome. The club was an old church that was renovated. The sensei, Vek Visuddhidliam, was very welcoming to all of us shooting in his gym for the afternoon. The first and tenth photos were the ones chosen to be showcased in the workshop’s daily critique slideshow. The others are just ones that I liked, and a few of them are redundant. I am thinking that I might try a few of this in black and white. It is interesting to be critiqued by new people and not just the professors back at school. Everyone here has different work experience and different views on everyone’s shoots. I have learned a lot so far and can’t wait to keep shooting new events and sports today and tomorrow.

ADDED ——– Black and white.

I had a little extra time after uploading my photos so, I decided to see what these photos would look like in black and white since I almost never utilize this option. Here are the ones that I liked without color.

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GoFundMe and SSAX 2013!

In an effort to raise money for Sports Shooter Academy X I created a GoFundMe page! I am beyond excited for this wonderful opportunity to attend the academy, but being a college student, the costs are going to be a large obstacle. I hope that finances do not keep me from going to this wonderful workshop. Please donate if you can, even a little bit.



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