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(Belated) 4th of July!

So, due to absolutely horrible weather the past couple days and an absolutely dreary (actual) 4th of July my assignment for shooting fireworks was postponed until today. I tried to have some fun with the quintessential fireworks assignment that it seems all of us photojs get assigned to at least a million times once during our careers. So here it is, and happy 4th of July, everyone!

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My 4th of July…

So as most people were enjoying cookouts and fireworks today, I was shooting like many of my photog friends were doing as well. Today’s assignments were a naturalization ceremony (immigrants officially becoming American citizens) and an Independence Day festival. I expected the naturalization ceremony to be much more formal than it was, so that definitely took me off guard. The festival had so much going on that I didn’t know where to even begin. But, I enjoyed attending and photographing both. Here’s what I got out there on the ridiculously hot 4th of July.

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