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Dancers and goats

I have had the opportunity to shoot a variety of events, people, and places during my month at the Gazette. I am going to try to spend the next few days uploading a few of my assignments and favorites. These two assignments were very unique and I really enjoyed shooting. One was a couple that raised goats in their front yard for their milk to make cheese and soaps. The other was a dance/painting collaboration. The artist, Marlene, painted while dancers Beth and Margaret performed in front of her. Marlene created landscape paintings while incorporating the dancers’ movements into the work.

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About to be a real world photographer!

Well, I have graduated from Viscom after four years under some of the best professors in the industry. So this time next week, I will be starting my adventure to Massachusetts to my new apartment and first post-graduate internship. I am so excited to start working with the staff of the Daily Hampshire Gazette!! I have been in contact with Carol Lollis, the photo editor, for about a month now, and I am so happy to have her as my first real photo editor. She seems great, and I can’t wait to meet her and the staff in person. The paper is in Northampton, Mass and my apartment (with a roommate I have yet to meet but she seems nice) is in Amherst. I cannot wait to start posting my work from my internship!

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