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Finally some down time….

So even after apologizing for a delay in posts, I have yet to post anything. As I said, I spent several weeks with Marilyn and her fabulous alpacas. This has so far been my favorite and most fun story. It was just such a light-hearted feature story that I caught myself going out more than I really needed to do because it was that fun. Marilyn was so welcoming, and I really hope to go back soon once I am less busy and continue to shoot and follow her and her farm. Here are some of my personal favorites from my time there, some of which I used for my story and some I just think are fun to look at so enjoy!

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Looking forward…

I have spent the day (and several before this) packing and getting ready for school. During all of this my mind began to wander and I began thinking about what I have to do/look forward to this upcoming quarter. Despite not having any sort of photography class this quarter, I have already started to think about Dawn To Dusk, an event held annually where photographers wake up early and have to shoot a certain theme/topic in a certain amount of time. It’s very fast-paced and exciting. I decided to post what I did last year during this project.

“The Ohio University Women’s Crew team rows in from an early morning practice at Stroud’s Run State Park in Athens, Ohio on October 22, 2010.”

This was taken extremely early and it was quite cold. I feel the shot that came from it was well worth it.

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